About Tamachia aka 'Lollipop'

She's kind. She's crazy, sexy, cool. She's giving. She's strong-willed. She's humble. She's a Saints and LSU fan. She loves the kids, as long as they belong to someone else laugh, joking. She's God-fearing, spiritual and she strongly believes in using her faith in God. She loves blessings. She's a business woman that has a great spirit and sense of humor. She's a great sister, auntie, godmother and friend. She has a foul mouth but knows when to be respectful......most of the time.....*chuckles*. She loves her family and friends. She has a terrible gas problem and she's not ashamed about it either cheeky

She's in love and crazy about a cool guy named Larry Renard McCaa!

She's happy that many people are excited for Larry and her!

About Larry aka 'Big Larry'

He's crazy, crazy, crazy about>>> Tamachia Janella Davenport! wink

He loves his daughter 'Bri' and spoils her like crazy! He's a great dad! He's a hard working professional truck driver, 25 yrs and counting in the business! He has a twin brother and wants another kid with his future wife! (Let's pray for Tamachia surprise). He loves his family. He's God-fearing and he's a great protector and provider. He's rough around the edges but a big teddy bear for the love of his life, his future bride. He has the right jokes at the right time. He loves a good beer. He loves the country life, he's from Aliceville, Alabama and loves Alabama Crimson Tide (Tamachia forgives him and still loves him cheeky).  He's a lover of drag racing and loves muscle cars. He wants his future wife to buy him a boat, so he's being really really nice now! cryingcheekywink

Oh did he say he loves Tamachiaheartheartheart

How we met

Thank God for the truck stop on Elysian Fields (in New Orleans)......... that is all cheeky

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